May 20

“c:\dos\run” Retro computing funny tshirt


cdosrun funny t-shirtAh, those were the days.  The days when to use computers we all needed at least basic programming skills.

This classy “C:\Dos\Run” funny t-shirt is sure to have computer geeks everywhere emptying their Bitcoin accounts to buy one.

Available for £11.99 at

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May 14

“In a relationship – gf likes” social status funny tshirt

"In a relationship - gf likes" social status funny t-shirt

Facebook-inspired funny t-shirt featuring the words ”In a relationship – My girfriend likes this.” and the instantly recognisable thumbs-up symbol.

Want your social status on a funny tshirt?

Want to advertise that you’re off the market?

Then look no further than this classy and stylish funny tee, £11.99 GBP from

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May 02

“Traceroute Localhost” computer geek funny tshirt

"Traceroute Localhost" computer geek funny t-shirt

“Traceroute Localhost” funny t-shirt for computer geeks.

“Show Me The Way To Go Home” is the English translation for everyone else.

Classy, stylish, minimalistic, and a definite talking point at the end-of-week office booze-up.

This funny tee is available for £11.99 GBP at

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